About Me

I am a second year Masters student studying computer science and programming languages at the University of Maryland. My research focuses on extending program synthesis to general purpose, object-oriented languages like Java. I work jointly with my advisor Jeff Foster (Tufts), Armando Solar-Lezama (MIT), Xiaoqang Qiu (Purdue), and ThanhVu Nguyen (UNL). In my free time, I like to cook, hike, watch good movies, read good books, and travel.

Contact Details

A.V. Williams
8223 Paint Branch Dr
College Park, MD 20740

benmar at cs.umd.edu


University of Maryland

Masters of Computer Science Fall 2017 - Present

University of Maryland

B.S. Degree in Computer Engineering Fall 2013 - Spring 2017


University of Maryland

Research Assistant under Jeff Foster December 2016 - Present

We are developing JSketch, a sketch-based program synthesis tool for Java. In particular, we are designing and testing new models of the Java Standard Library for synthesis optimization. One such method is a novel axiomatic programming paradigm where library behaviour is specified through equational rewriting rules.


University of Maryland

Teaching Assistant for Advanced Functional Programming (Niki Vazou) Fall 2017

Our class used Haskell to teach undergrads standard functional programming concepts like monoids, functors, and monads. I helped design homeworks and lectures, graded homeworks and tests, and conducted office hours with students. I also taught a lecture on Haskell QuickCheck.

Prime Solutions

Software Engineering Intern Summer 2016

Worked on a team of five interns to create the Advanced Persistant Threat Simulator, a software for simulation of malicious network protocols in C and Python.

Prime Solutions

Software Engineering Intern Summer 2015

Worked on a team of four interns to create the Wi-Fi Traffic Analyzer, a tool for automating analysis of local Wi-Fi traffic to determine device-specific information.


Program Synthesis with Algebraic Library Specifications

B. Mariano, J. Reese, S. Xu, X. Qiu, T. Nguyen, J. Foster, and A. Solar-Lezama (In review)

Address and Email

Ben Mariano
A.V. Williams, 8223 Paint Branch Dr,
College Park, MD 20740

benmar at cs.umd.edu